Indiana Secretary of State – IN SOS Business Search

indiana-secretary-of-state-logoIndiana Secretary of State Business Services Division
Address: 302 W. Washington Street, Room E018, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Telephone: 1(317) 232-6576
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Lookup a Business Entity


Step 1 – Start

To lookup a business entity (Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership) in Indiana, you will need to go to the Secretary of State’s Website.

You may be able to search by Name or Client ID Number. Be sure if you select to lookup by name to make sure you are as detailed as possible as the database will return all related terms.

Once you have decided on your terms, press ‘enter’ or click the Submit button and you will be brought to the Results Page (As Seen Below).

Step 2 – Choose Your Entity


Not only are you able to view the Entity’s Name but also preview it’s Type and the City and State of it’s Principal Office Address. Click on the underlined dark blue text link in order to view all information about the corporation on the Details Page (As Seen Below).

Step 3 – Retrieve Information

indiana-entity-information-pageThis is the final step and allows you to view the business’s NameAddressControl NumberStatusType of EntityIncorporation DateDate of Expiration, and Fictitious Names (if any exist).

On the bottom of the page, you also have the option to view additional information including registered agent information, generate an official certificate of existence, find copies of preciously filed business documents, and file a document if you are the officer of the company.