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new-jersey-secretary-of-state-logoNew Jersey Secretary of State Business Portal
Address: Department of State, Business Action Center, P.O. Box 820, Trenton, NJ 08625-0820
Telephone: 1(866)-534-7789

Lookup a Business Entity

Step 1 – Start

Search a business entity (Corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership) in New Jersey by using the Secretary of State’s Website. You will have the option to lookup by Name, ID Number, Principal Name, or Registered Agent the following Entity’s:

Previously Filed Documents – The best way to obtain information about a businessWe will continue to show how to do this in Step 2.

Name Availability – Free
Status Reports – $6.25 fee.
Lists – Purchase a list of entities with a specific term or matching description.

Once you chose your option and have entered your selected keywords, you will be brought to the Results Page (As Seen Below).

Step 2 – Choose Your Entity


Now you are able to view the all the matching listings to the terms you entered. The Secretary of State will give you a preview of the entity’s Name, ID Number, City, Type, and Original Filing Date. When you have found your listing, click on the ‘Order Copies’ box and click ‘Continue’.

Step 3 – Add Document to Cart

sample-cart-purchase-new-jersey-secretary-of-stateYou want to make sure that if you are just seeking to get entity information that your click the ‘Order Non-Cettified Copy’ to make sure you pay the least amount ($6.45). After you have selected this click the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the bottom of the page.

Step 4 – Pay and Download

new-jersey-secretary-of-state-entity-download-pageAfter you have paid the fee you will be allowed to download the information card. This will contain all the details on file with the Secretary of State including the entity’s ID Number, Type, Status, Filing Date, Stock Amount, State of Jurisdiction, Month of Annual Report (including last filed), Registered Agent (Name and Address), Fictitious Names, and all Officers (President, VP, Treasurer, etc.)