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Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to be Frustrating

Frequently Asked Business Formation Questions

Starting a business can be confusing and intimidating. There tend to be tons of questions, so we’ve put together an FAQ section to help.

What Is an LLC?

Confused what an LL actually is? What are the costs and what are the benefits? Look no further.

What Type of Business Should I Form?

Confused on whether you should be a sole proprietorship, LLC, C Corp, Partnership, or Non-Profit? We’re here to help.

How Much Does an LLC Cost?

This is NOT a case of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” We spill the beans about how much you’ll spend creating an LLC.

Is an LLC Even Worth It?

Unsure if you’ll need the liability protection of an LLC? Many people experience unexpected benefits when starting an LLC.

How to Start an LLC

We’ll take a look at how starting an LLC will put your business on the fast track to success – safely.

What Happens After I Get an LLC?

We’ll take a look at what happens are you get approved for an LLC and what further things you need to put in place.

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